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One thought on “Daddy Pay Care”
  1. 11:38 Take a look at what the High crimes of Treason, RICO, and so much more, that these career criminals like Joe Biden have done to Rudy Giuliani, and to all Patriotic Americans. And, no doubt about it, they would have carried out much more, had they not been caught. We would have seen our streets filled with our blood just like the CCP Democratic Party and the RINO’s said we would have. We will still see some of this, but hopefully not to the degree that they had planned for us. Thank you, Rudy Giuliani, Esq. and others like you, for having the true grit and courage to take on the most dangerous of all Mob. Your work too will be written in the History books. Since we will be the victors, we will write the History Books this time. We will get this right.

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