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3 thoughts on “Do Not Fear The Showdown”
  1. this virus is nothing more than the flue the doctor at wuhan clearly stated no virus escaped i had same symptoms in april 2019 flue season i believe it is just another mutation of flue that has been happening for last few yrs freinf ended up in hospital that same time swas told it was a variant from india if it was as dangerous asthey stated why does it only affect older adults it is 9/11 2 next the solar flares now happening from the sun and plus the north pole being in siberia earths magnetic poles shifting causing earthquakes and satellite disruptions along with solar flares ccausing emp situations are now going to blame china russia and iran saying they are doing cyber attacks wake up the satanists hard at it scwabb has warned these cyber attacks will causes and the drills like covid shutdowns will make covid look like a walk in tje park these people own all the major worlds food chains this is j supposedto start dec just look at world headlines ramp up of so called cyber attacks blaming china lavb website wrote about this being planned months ago the oil shutdown was just asmall test run last yr 2 electricity grids went down clearly there was blue space auro when it happened soon it will get impossible to write this they are already in your phones etc over covid jab truth

  2. I had a visit with a Neurosurgeon and his PA about back surgery. I mentioned I don’t trust any information about the vaccine or the virus. They made it their mission to talk me into getting the vaccine and said they care about me and they don’t want me to get sick. I said the medical community is now political so I’m not buying anything you say. They prioritized the vaccine conversation over my back surgery. I’m not getting surgery now. I can’t trust these animals. I swear this Doctor and PA sounded like two professionals that believe everything they read in their doctor magazines and all in for whatever the left is doing. HiImTodd.

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