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3 thoughts on “Vax Pass Port For All They Say”
  1. the gene therapy is shedding the virus they are putting people at risk with even worse side affects but we are not allowed to say this doctors scientists not allowed to speak out any alternate therapies not allowed here in aust we have now got military in the streets because people are waking up the jab is dangerous only 900 dead since the start 30 cases and whole states shut down we are not allowed to leave the country since this started military yto stop protesets because also 3 people had covid only 13% hae taken jab remember germs can enter through your eyes nose ears masks useless they are going to blame china for fake cyber attacks already headlines spreading then say we need to do drills and shut things down to secure things they have said it will make covid look like nothing darl schwab just few weeks ago its cyber polygon sun isolar flares strong now creating emp like events blame on china and north ole shifting will effect gps expect around xmas i do not want to write this again all can be verified

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