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One thought on “Do Not Live In Fear”
  1. Title: “Do not live in fear”. In the final analysis, I think it will be found that we have actually long ago moved beyond fear. I submit the the truth here, that we are not in fear, but we are instead in self empowerment, which is exactly where we should be. There is a big difference. When we are quickly provoked, it is not because we are any fools, for we have never ever been fools. We are very astutely aware of how the Dark Cult operates, many knowing through past experience with them. The Bible did not have such a reputable chain of custody in the Vatican, and many quotations, were plausibly subject to controlling the narrative of the Vatican’s God named Satan, whether anyone wants to believe that or not. Because I recognize this, I am assuring you, that we are not fools, and we will not be defeated by sayings in the Bible, by those who had the chain of custody of these historical documents, who were, as we have since learned, were in service to the agendas of the illuminati. We are those who are going to take back our Country, and the World. Be glad that we, are we. No one will break our resolve, nor our sense of what is right and honorable, and we do not live in fear, but rather self empowerment and a centered moral compass.

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