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3 thoughts on “Pandora Papers”
  1. This video on the Pandora Papers, and Panama Papers is of avalanche sized implications. It illustrates yet another shocking example of the Two Tiered Financial System, and the Two Tiered Justice System, within which the Rule of Law never applied to the Overlords of Power. It exemplifies another aspect of the inequitable, dishonest, and oppressive debt slavery that Humanity has been under for a very long time. In connection with the early part of the investigation of the Panama Papers and the Law Firm involved, a female Investigative Reporter working the investigation, started up her car one morning, and died after the car exploded from a Deep State planted bomb. Shortly after, Obama had some words to say trying to excuse away his involvement in the Panama Papers, and that of others. He knew there was no escaping the coming truth, the documents, the financial schemes, and what their dirty money was used for. Many of them stole and pillaged, like there was no tomorrow. Looks like Putin had some accounts too. Either Putin was not entirely always the Good Tooth Fairy, or since he did not condone or participate in the satanic ritual abuse activities as the others did, he was more likely in the Pandora Papers Club and/or Panama Papers Club, with the role to be able to later reveal, or to testify as one of the witnesses turning evidence, for those who did reveal the operations, the activities, the players of the Clubs, where the money was going, and what it was being used for. The impression that I have here is that John McAfee’s software and the software’s backdoors, may have been another central part to the findings, and where the findings from the Pandora Papers and Panama Papers would have most plausibly have connected to, would have been to global Child and Adult Human Trafficking, to Adrenochrome production, and to genetic hybridization experiments worldwide, that took place in both the cabal’s Deep Underground operations, and in their real estate holdings. It was never that they did not have enough money already to live their lavish lifestyles, it was more like they were, feeding a very deep, and very evil psychopathology in agreements with something they worshipped, namely Satan. I sense that this has been a massively enormous sting operation on many levels, where the gears were set in motion long ago.

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